Rhinestone Crystal Skulls Evening Clutch Bag

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  • Crystal diamond: AA diamond style crystals with 18 cut surfaces, so it has good refraction effect, and can shine.
  • Hardware: K gold aluminum-free plating process. Each hardware is well selected to ensure there are no scratch, bubble, and no rust on surface.
  • Fabrics: Emulation silk stain. The adoption of light silk makes cloth charming, thin, soft, colorful, and lustrous.
  • Size:15(L)x5.5(W)x11(H)cm Chain:50 cm short chain removable
  • It is suitable for iphone 5s, your key fob, lipstick, or lip gloss, powder, small brush, some credit cards and a pair of glasses.As shown, despite of very low prices due to direct sale of the factory, as many evaluated, it is more gorgeous than its pictures. All its angle shines. It is a beautiful and elegant evening handbag.


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